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You’ve been there. We’ve been there, too.

Standing on the sidelines, week after week, season after season. Braving pesky mosquitos, gnats, no-see-ums, sudden downpours, chilling winds, and freezing temperatures… Not because you want to. Because you have to. Because being there means everything. That said, when the weather sucks, being there shouldn’t. Period. This notion sparked a simple idea that’s become a game changer for millions of sports parents, sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts the world over: The original WeatherPod™ pop-up tent. Super-gear designed for sideline super-heroes and outdoor warriors everywhere.


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At Under the Weather® we’re proud of our heritage as inventor of the original WeatherPod™. But it’s not about selling products alone, it’s about creating better experiences for our customers. That’s why we’re constantly improving our designs with customer feedback and rigorous testing, and innovating with new styles, cool colors and unique features no other brand offers. That’s the UTWPod™ Difference: Superior quality and performance, convenience and flexibility, and infinite possibilities for customizing your dream pop-up Pod tent.

Why settle for less when you can cozy up to the original?

It’s an idea we’ve spent years perfecting… A lightweight portable oasis with a 270° or 360° view, that pops open in seconds to keep you dry and cozy in miserable weather. That’s the genius of a WeatherPod. The original, patented one-piece pop-up Pod tent, fully enclosed and weatherproof, that’s easy to tote and super easy to use. And you can count on the highest quality materials and superior construction for performance, and durability, only a WeatherPod™ can deliver.

Made to Stand Up to All Kinds of Weather. So You Can Rest Easy.

We’re proud of our heritage as inventor of the original pop-up WeatherPod™. But the story doesn’t end there. From the fabric and the plastic, zippers and the floor to the steel wire, backpack buckles, the details matter. Sure, there are cheaper imitations of our pop-up tents out there. But we think you should get your money’s worth. That’s why we use only the highest quality materials and construction. That’s why all our Pods are vigorously tested and re-tested, why we never rest at making them even better and why we stand behind each and every one we make. Why? Because you deserve the best money can buy

The WeatherPod™ Guarantee. No One Else Comes Close.

  • Vigorous testing & retesting by third-party testing centers
  • 210 Oxford Polyester fabrics treated with a proprietary waterproof additive coating
  • Clear plastic and fabric are cold tested to 10° below temperatures
  • Certified UPF 50+ maximum sun protection by SGS SH Lab Testing Group
  • Steel wire rods carefully sized and customized to each pod size to ensure durability & easiest fold
  • High quality #8 zippers with dense zipper binding to help keep water out and premium PVC zipper pulls
  • Proprietary double-reinforced tent floor fabric & heat-sealed seams; double stitching on all seams
  • Heavy-duty ground stakes and compact backpack carry case with adjustable straps

It’s All in the Details. Check Out These Great Features.

Our Story: Ten Years and Counting

Head to Toe Protection In Seconds

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