Why Under the Weather?

Don’t Be Fooled by Imitations. You Deserve the Best Money Can Buy

Our Pods are made with highly-durable materials and quality construction that lasts.
So you can always Be There. Weather or Not™.

Genuine Under the Weather® Pods are sold only on this website, Amazon and the following retail locations: DICK's Sporting Goods, Field & Stream, SCHEELS and Walmart. Under the Weather® Pods purchased from unauthorized resellers are not covered under our return or warranty policies.


Mesh Screen Pods

Relax in Cool Comfort

  • Super lightweight
  • See-through zippered mesh panels
  • Keeps bugs out
  • Mesh lets breeze through
  • Connect 2 or 4 Pods together

Size: Regular

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Modular Pods

Modular Pods

Unique Shape w/Side Doors

  • Connect 2 or 4 Pods with ConnectUp™ roofs
  • Side doors fully unzip
  • Move between Pods without getting wet
  • Great for watching sideline action

Sizes: Reg., XL, 2XL or 4XL

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Tapered Pods

Original Tapered Pod Design

  • Tapered sides blunt wind gusts
  • Great for hunting, backpacking, photography, and more
  • 270°–360° unobstructed views

Sizes: Regular or XL

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Specialty Pods

Specialty Pods

Pods for Specific Purposes

  • Slip-on Pods for stadium seating or wheelchairs
  • Beach or warm weather Pods
  • Pods for added privacy
  • Walking around Pods & more

Sizes: Vary

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