Under the Weather

Pop-Up Weather Pods

Find the pop-up Pod that best suits your active lifestyle and outdoor personality with over 100 colors and styles.

Be there for life's important moments, no matter the weather, protected and comfortable inside a WeatherPod®. Simply pop open your Pod, and you’re good to go. Watch your child’s soccer match, tailgate at a playoff game, jam at outdoor festivals, and work outside–all without having to worry about the weather, or exposure to annoying insects or germs.

WeatherPod tents are lightweight, portable, weather resistant, and they pop open and fold down in a snap-no assembly required. Our Pods are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes to shield you from the wind, rain, cold, sun, biting or stinging insects– you name it! We have Pods that hold up to 6 people and others that connect under one roof so you can add more Pods for family or guests.

Choose WeatherPod® and you’ll enjoy every moment you spend outdoors. Say goodbye to windy, freezing, rain-soaked activities, and hello to comfortable, climate-controlled outdoor spaces any time you need them.

*Under the Weather® makes no guarantee of non-transmission for any of its products.