Pod 101

Maybe you’re the type that's always tooling around or maybe you’re more laid back. Perhaps you prefer to go it alone, or perhaps not. The point is, if you have to be outside in all kinds of weather, we’ve got you covered. With over 100 styles, colors and sizes the possibilities are endless.

Modular Pods

ConnectUp™ Pods

Connect 2 or 4 Pods at a time, add a roof and move between them without setting foot outside.

Size: Reg., XL, 2XL or 4XL

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Tapered Pods

WindBuster™ Pods

Designed to blunt wind gusts in more open spaces and wind-prone areas.

Sizes: Regular or XL

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Screen Pods

Stay cool. Stay Safe. Fine mesh screens protect you from the sun and biting insects.

Sizes: Regular or 4XL+

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Wearable Pods

We have Pods for walking around, sitting in stadium bleachers, and wheelchairs.

Sizes: Vary

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