UTW President Kelly Mahan donated a ShieldPod for each Rotary Club of Cincinnati member in attendance at a club meeting Aug. 27, 2020. Rotary members had the option to keep them after the meeting or return the ShiedPods to be sanitized and donated for use in local schools as classes resume amid the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis.

“We have experience making this type of Pod, but this was strictly made in response to COVID,” Mayhan said. “About 80 percent of our sales right now are schoolteachers. We talk to schoolteachers every day, and they’re worried about going back and they’re just looking for added protection. So that’s a big part of what our sales have been.

“We’re focusing on (donating to) lower-income neighborhoods and schools in need. A lot of times with bigger schools, we can’t donate to the whole school, but we will donate to the special needs department teachers and students. We also have a mini version, so it’s sized for students.”

(Source: WLWT.com)

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